Goan Cusine
Goan cuisine is a blend of different influences the Goans had to endure during the centuries. The staple food in Goa is fish and rice, both among the Hindus and the Catholics. Unlike the Christian food the Hindu Goan food is not strongly influenced by the Portuguese cuisine. Visitors to Goa tend to think that food and drink in Goa means the famous fish, curry, rice and feni package. And for most Goans these are indeed the three basic necessities of life -- fish, curry and rice. They combine to make a heavenly daily meal for the average Goan. But Goan cuisine, like the land itself, has many flavours and tastes with its vast treasure trove of culinary delicacies.
  1. Take a cleaned whole, cleaned pomphret or pomphret slices. Rub some salt and lemon juice and leave it for 30 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile take fresh coriander leaves, fresh ginger, mint leaves, garlic and salt to taste. Grind it finely using little water. Apply the paste generously to the fish slices.
  3. In case you take whole fish, make shallow cuts on both the sides and slice it through the stomach. Rub the paste inside as well.Take tender banana leaves or turmeric leaves. Wrap the fish carefully in the leaves.
  4. Now steam it for 20 to25 minutes on medium flame.
  5. Relish it while it is steaming hot.No sauce or dip is required as this is a complete dish in itself.
  6. Use it as an interesting starter, as a side dish or complement it with cocum curry and rice to make a complete meal.
.It is a very healthy preparation for kids, senior citizens, diabetes and heart patients as there are no strong spices or oil used. The goodness of fish oils is retained as the dish is only steamed and fish as such is very easy to digest.